Picture of Tristan Fitzpatrick
Picture of Tristan Fitzpatrick

Tristan Fitzpatrick is an award-winning communications strategist and former journalist.

He currently serves as a Digital Media Specialist for the National Public Pension Coalition (NPPC), a grassroots political organization seeking to protect the retirement security of America’s public employees.

In this role, he manages digital campaigns across six states, covers pension-related issues for the organization’s blog, and creates graphics and videos that tell stories of why every American should be able to retire with dignity. 

Tristan’s has also served as a Digital Advisor for the Biden Campaign for President’s Out for Biden Coalition. During the campaign, he designed get out the vote graphics and messages that reached more than 18,000 LGBTQ+ voters and allies leading up to Election Day. He has also held multiple roles at the Cancer Support Community, where he earned three Digital Health Awards for his work on the organization’s blog and social media.

Prior to working in communications, Tristan was a reporter for Science Node, an online publication founded by the National Science Foundation that focused how supercomputing and advanced research networks can facilitate scientific discovery.