where is the plan?

The president held his first coronavirus briefing in nearly three months today. The briefing did not appear to break news, besides the fact that the president has now completely reversed himself on mask wearing & is acknowledging that things “will get worse before they get better.”

The real piece of news in the briefing, however, was this observation from the president about creating a plan around the coronavirus outbreak, as cases continue to surge across the U.S.

Six months after the virus was first diagnosed on U.S. shores, Trump asserted that his administration was “in the process of developing a strategy” to eradicate the virus, after months of casting the U.S. response as one of the best in the world.


We’re half a year into this pandemic…and the administration still has no national plan or strategy around coronavirus. Our leaders, who are supposed to be protecting the American people, have been asleep at the wheel, & we are paying the price for it with our lives. It’s an abysmal failure of leadership.

By Tristan Fitzpatrick

Progressive blogger.

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